List of Dependency Relations

This file contains the used dependency relation tagset for English.

Source: “Dependency Syntax in the CoNLL Shared Task 2008”

  1. ADV Unclassified adverbial
  2. AMOD Modifier of adjective or adverb
  3. APPO Apposition
  4. BNF Benefactor (the for phrase for verbs that undergo dative shift)
  5. CONJ Between conjunction and second conjunct in a coordination
  6. COORD Coordination
  7. DEP Unclassified relation
  8. DIR Direction
  9. DTV Dative (the to phrase for verbs that undergo dative shift)
  10. EXT Extent
  11. EXTR Extraposed element in expletive constructions
  12. GAP Gapping: between conjunction and the parts of a structure with an ellipsed head
  13. HMOD Modifier in hyphenation, such as two in two-part
  14. HYPH Between first part of hyphenation and hyphen
  15. IM Between infinitive marker and verb
  16. LGS Logical subject
  17. LOC Location
  18. MNR Manner
  19. NAME Name-internal link
  20. NMOD Modifier of nominal
  21. OBJ Direct or indirect object or clause complement
  22. OPRD Object complement
  23. P Punctuation
  24. PMOD Between preposition and its child in a PP
  25. POSTHON Posthonorifics such as Jr, Inc.
  26. PRD Predicative complement
  27. PRN Parenthetical
  28. PRP Purpose or reason
  29. PRT Particle
  30. PUT Various locative complements of the verb put
  31. ROOT Root
  32. SBJ Subject
  33. SUB Between subordinating conjunction and verb
  34. SUFFIX Possessive ’s
  35. TITLE Titles such as Mr, Dr
  36. TMP Temporal
  37. VC Verb chain
  38. VOC Vocative